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1.1. Introduting to Sysax FTP Automation

Sysax FTP Automation is a scripting and scheduling program for Microsoft Windows that enables the creation, debugging, and execution of file transfer related tasks.


Secure file transfers

Sysax FTP Automation supports SSH2 based SFTP, SSL/TLS based FTPS, and regular FTP. Public key authentication and client side SSL certificates are also supported.


Easy automation

Automation wizard automatically generates file transfer scripts that can be customized and fine tuned. An integrated editor and debugger enable scripts to be stepped through line by line to debug them. The integrated scheduler runs as an NT service and can execute both scripting tasks and other programs.


Outstanding value

File transfer scripts can be executed using the scheduler or from within other scripts or programs. The Enterprise edition supports execution of up to 16 file transfer tasks simultaneously. A Personal edition of the product is available free for non commercial use.

It is easy to install and does not require advanced IT skills to manage. The program can even be used as a direct replacement for the ftp.exe command line program that ships with Windows.