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2.2. Trial/Registered User License

Free Personal Edition License

To install the license, the steps to be followed is given below.

    i) Open email message and save the attached license key(Sysax  FTP  Automation license key)file.
    ii) Open Sysax FTP Automation.

Figure 2.1. Before installing license

Before installing license

    iii) Click Install License"  button from the Sysax FTP Automation Control Panel.

Figure 2.2. Click Install License

Click Install License

    iv) Select your license(*.key) file and click the Open button. 

Figure 2.3. Select License Key to Load

Select License Key to Load

    v) Your license key will be automatically installed. 

Figure 2.4. License Successfully Installed

License Successfully Installed

    vi) Restart Sysax FTP Automation. 

Figure 2.5. After Installing License

After Installing License