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Chapter 14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Installation and Licensing

Does Sysax FTP Automation run on Windows Vista? How about Windows 95?

Yes, Sysax FTP Automation runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

How do I upgrade to a newer version of Sysax FTP Automation?

You need to first uninstall the older version of the product and then install the latest version that is available on the Sysax.com website. Your task settings should not be affected by the uninstallation and reinstallation.

How do I install or update a license key?

Open the Sysax FTP Automation Control panel and click the "install license" button. Select your license key file and click the "Open" button. The new license should now be installed.

How do I uninstall Sysax FTP Automation?

From the Windots "Start" menu, select the "Sysax FTP Automation" program group and click on "Uninstall Sysax FTP Automation". The uninstallation wizard will be started to complete the uninstallation of the product.

I installed the free personal edition license before my 30 day trial was up. How do I go back to the trial edition?

You can return to the trial edition within 30 days of installation by uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

What is the difference between the personal and commercial edition licenses?

The free personal edition is available for use by individuals for non commercial use. It is restricted in the number of number of script commands that can be executed for a single script and the availability of the script debugging environment. Click here to compare all three editions side by side.

Features and Benefits

How can Sysax FTP Automation help me automate my file transfers?

Sysax FTP Automation enables you to automate both simple and complicated file transfer sequences using either a simple FTP scripting language or a list of the FTP commands to execute.

Does Sysax FTP Automation support secure file transfers?

Yes, FTPS which uses SSL encryption and SFTP which uses SSH based encryption are supported in addition to regular FTP. Public key authentication and client side SSL certificates are also supported.

What is the FTP scripting language? Do I need to learn it to use your product?

The FTP scripting language consists of a list of file transfer related commands, conditional statements, and loops necessary for initiating, managing, and reporting the status of automated file transfers. Local file operations and email notification is also supported. It is not necessary to learn the scripting language because scripts can be automatically generated using the Script Wizard that ships with the product.

My script is not doing what I expect it to do. How do I debug my script?

Sysax FTP Automation ships with a script debugging environment that can be opened by clicking on the "Edit Script" button on the control panel. You can use the "step" menu item (F7) in the "Debug" menu to step through each line of the script as it is being executed.

Is the sysaxftp.exe console program a secure replacement for ftp.exe?

Yes, sysaxftp.exe is a secure drop-in replacement for the ftp.exe command line program that ships with all versions of Window. All command line options including -s:[filename] option to specify a list of FTP commands, are supported. Both SSL based SFTP and SSH based FTPS are supported for secure encrypted file transfers. To start the program, simply open the command console and type in sysaxftp.exe.

Can I run my FTP script within a batch file outside of the Sysax FTP Automation program?

Yes, you can run an ftp script within a batch file or another script by invoking sysaxftp.exe with the -script argument and specifying the name of the script file to run.

Troubleshooting and Support

I scheduled a script for execution using the sysax scheduler but the script did not execute. What am I doing wrong?.

First of all, please check if the "Save output to log file" option is checked. Otherwise the script might have executed, but you have no way of knowing. If you still have a problem, please verify that the Sysax Scheduler Service is started and running.

How do I get technical support? How do I report a bug or request a new feature?

Please click here to use our customer support system to submit a request for technical support, report a bug or request a feature.