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2.1. COM object invocation

The FTP Automation component may be invoked as a COM object with the name "SysaxAutomation.Application". Examples of invocation within VBScript, Javascript, and C# are shown below.

Exhibit 2.1. Example of invocation from VBScript

'invoke the sysaxautomation component
Dim app
Set app = CreateObject("SysaxAutomation.Application")

Exhibit 2.2. Example of invocation from Javascript

//invoke the sysaxautomation component
var app = new ActiveXObject("SysaxAutomation.Application");

Exhibit 2.3. Example of invocation from c#

//invoke the sysaxautomation component
Type app        = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("SysaxAutomation.Application"); 
object myObject = Activator.CreateInstance(app);