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5.1. Obtaining Folder Listings

The FTPGetList method can be used to list the contents of the current local or remote folder. The "local" or "remote" keyword is used to select a local or remote listing. The number of recursive levels of subfolders to list can also be specified. The list of retrieved files and folders is provided as a FTPListItems collection that can be enumerated.

Exhibit 5.1. IDL Definition of method for obtaining folder listings

HRESULT FTPGetList ([in] BSTR b_localremote, [in, defaultvalue(1)] UINT n_recurselevel, [out, retval, defaultvalue(NULL)] IDispatch **listitems_pp);

Exhibit 5.2. Example usage of method for obtaining folder listings (VBScript)

'list the contents of the remote folder - top level (non-recursive)
Dim ftplist
Set ftplist = app.FTPGetList("remote", 1)