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8.4. Retrieving Compare Results

Lists of files that are present only in the source or destination folder, files that are non identical, and files that are identical can be retrieved after a comparison operation using the GetCompareList method. The result is provided as a FTPListItems collection that can be enumerated. The "sourceonly", "destinationonly", "nonidentical", or "identical" keywords can be used to select the appropriate list.

Exhibit 8.7. IDL Definition of method for retrieving compare results

HRESULT GetCompareList ([in, defaultvalue("identical")] BSTR b_name, [out, retval, defaultvalue(NULL)] IDispatch **listitems_pp);  

Exhibit 8.8. Example usage of method for retrieving compare results (VBScript)

Dim ftplist
Set ftplist = app.GetCompareList("identical")