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4.1.2. Delete Multiple Files

The mdelete Deletes one or more files on a remote computer. In this command is followed by the parameter 'remote-files. It specifies the remote files to delete.

The Syntax is

Exhibit 4.3. Syntax of "mdelete" command

 mdelete remote-files [,,,]  

The example is

Exhibit 4.4. Example of "mdelete" command

 sysaxftp> mdelete 

 Remote Files 2007sep22.txt
 200 Command okay
 mdelete 2007sep24.txt?
 250 Deleted "/2007sep24.txt"
 mdelete 2007sep22.txt?
 250 Deleted "/2007sep22.txt"
 mdelete 2007sep25.txt?
 250 Deleted "/2007sep25.txt"