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FTP scripts enable the automation of file transfers and many other file processing activities. The scripting language is simple yet expressive and provides for error checking, conditional execution, looping, list handling, wildcard matching, and variable manipulation. Secure file transfers using both FTPS (SSL/TLS) and SFTP (SSH2) are supported in addition to regular FTP. Execution status can be communicated through exit codes, log files, error files, or even by sending a status email from within the script. Scripts may be executed from the command line, scheduled as one-time/recurring tasks, triggered when the contents of a monitored folder changes, or called from other scripts. These scripts may also be executed by Sysax Multi Server in response to server connection events.

This document contains the scripting language guide, a cookbook of frequently scripted operations, and sample FTP scripts. You may also contact our support team by filing a support ticket online at www.sysax.com for questions and help on writing FTP scripts.