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1.1. Introduction to Sysax Multi Server

Sysax Multi Server is a Secure FTP server, SSH2 secure shell server, Telnet server, and HTTPS file server combined into a single Windows program. It's robust, secure, and high-speed software architecture makes it suitable for business and personal file transfer needs.

Supports multiple internet protocols

All file transfer protocols including FTP, FTPS, and SFTP are supported in addition to HTTP and HTTPS based file transfers. Telnet and Secure shell access are also supported.

Supports Multiple Authentication Methods

The server can authenticate connections using existing windows user accounts, LDAP Active Directory servers, external databases accessible using ODBC, or Sysax server specific user accounts. Additionally, access to specific connection protocols may be restricted for individual user accounts.

Supports remote web-based administration

The server can be remotely administered using any web browser. Server settings can be modified on the fly. Activities of connected users can be modified in real time.

Runs FTP scripts based on server events

The server can run FTP scripts that are trigged by events such as user login, file transfer completion, file rename, and delete operations. The server event type, user name, user IP address, and corresponding file names are made available inside the script. The FTP scripts are identical to that supported by Sysax FTP Automation and can be used to send email, initiate file transfers, process local files, or run other programs.

Runs as a Windows service

The program runs as a Windows service and can be configured to automatically start on system boot up even when no user is logged on.

Free personal edition

A free personal edition that supports one connection at a time and unlimited account creation is available for non-commercial use.

Simple to set up and use

Sysax Multi Server is simple to set up and use on any Windows-based computer.

Supports both anonymous and account-based access

Sysax Multi Server enables you to set up both anonymous and password protected user accounts on the same computer.

High speed software architecture

The software architecture for Sysax Multi Server has been fine-tuned to support very high data transfer rates, and large volumes of user connections.

Protection against security breaches

Sysax Multi Server has been designed to safeguard against many types of malicious hacking attacks against the server.

Unlimited free customer support

Licensed users of Sysax Multi Server are eligible for unlimited free customer service.