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4.1.5. Creating a Self-signed SSL Certificate

If you require a self-signed SSL cetificate, click Create certificate... on the Select SSL Certificate screen(see Figure 4.4 above).

When you click Create certificate..., theGenerate SSL certificate for server screen is displayed(see Figure 4.5).

Figure 4.5. Self-signed SSL Certificate

Self-signed SSL Certificate

   Server Name
   Enter the name of the server(for example, myserver.com).
   Group Name
   Enter the group name of your company or organization.
   Company Name
   Enter the name of the company where the certificate is to be used.
   City Name
   Enter the name of the city where your company is located.
   State Name
   Enter the name of the state where your company is located.
   Country Name
   Enter the name of the country where your company is located.

Click Create SSL certificate to generate the server-side self-signed SSL certificate. The following screen is displayed(see Figure 4.6), verifying the SSL certificate.

Figure 4.6. SSL Certificate Created

SSL Certificate Created

Click OK on the SSL Certificate Created screen.