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7.3.6. Adding User Accounts

The Add User account screen, seen in Figure (7.12), enables you create user accounts.

Figure 7.12. Add user account

Add user account

Creating User Accounts

To create a user account, follow these instructions:
  1. Username

    Enter the user's log-in name.

  2. Password

    Enter the user's password.

  3. Base path

    Enter the home path of the user's computer. You can also click Browse to quickly identify and select the home path.

Click Create Account to create a new user account. The generated new account was displayed to the bottom of the Custom Accounts screen. It is shown in Figure(7.12).

Deleting User Accounts

When you choose to delete a user account, you are just checked in the account check box of the server account settings page of SysaxMultiServer Web Administration Interface screen, shown in Figure 7.13.

Figure 7.13. Deleting User Account

Deleting User Account