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Chapter 10. How to connect using FTP

Sysax Multi Server allows you to connect to the server in FTP, and to connect using the sysaxftp.exe file.


Connecting to Server

To connect to the server in FTP, go to the Sysax Multi Server control panel and click Start Server(See Figure 10.1).

Figure 10.1. Start Server

Start Server

The multi-server account setup window appears(See Figure 10.2).

Figure 10.2. Connect Using FTP

Connect Using FTP

Click FTP and FTPS(SSL/TLS) on port, set the port to 21, and click Next.


Connecting to Server using sysaxftp.exe

To connect to the server using the sysaxftp.exe program, double-click the sysaxftp.exe icon, or run the sysaxftp.exe as shown below in Figure 10.3.

Figure 10.3. Windows Dos Command Window

Windows Dos Command Window

Follow these steps to login the Sysaxftp session (Figure 10.4).

  1. Enter the open command.
  2. Enter the host name(IP address).
  3. Enter user name and password.

Figure 10.4. Sysaxftp Dos Command Window

Sysaxftp Dos Command Window