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Chapter 12. How to Connect Using Telnet

Sysax Multi Server enables you to connect to the server using a Telnet-only shell interface.


Connecting to Server

To connect to the server using a Telnet-only shell interface, go to the Sysax Multi Server control panel and click Start Server(Figure 12.1)

Figure 12.1. Start Server

Start Server

The multi-server account setup window is displayed(Figure 12.2).

Figure 12.2. Connect Using Telnet

Connect Using Telnet

Click Telnet on port, set the port to 23, and click Next.


Connecting to Server Using PuTTY.exe

To connect to the server using the putty.exe program, double-click the putty.exe icon, or run the putty.exe command as shown below in Figure 12.3.

Figure 12.3. Windows Dos Command Window

Windows Dos Command Window


Configuring PuTTy.exe

The PuTTY Configuration screen is displayed(Figure 12.4).

Figure 12.4. PuTTY Configuration

PuTTY Configuration


Connecting in Telnet-only Interface

Follow these steps to configure the PuTTY session.

  1. Enter the host name(IP address).
  2. Select Telnet protocol.
  3. Enter 23 in the Port field.
  4. Click Open.

The PuTTY window is displayed(See Figure 12.5)

Figure 12.5. PuTTY Command Line

PuTTY Command Line

At the log-in command line, enter the login name and password to open the protected FTP account or Windows user account(Figure 13.6).

Figure 12.6. PuTTY system Command Line

PuTTY system Command Line