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2.1. Introduction

The Server Administration component object can be used to manage the server in an automated manner from within other scripting and programming languages such as VBScript, Javascript, C#, and VB .net.

Tasks that can be performed include the creation, deletion, and update of user accounts and the retrieval of real time server statistics.

For additional help with using or deploying the component object, you may contact our support team by filing a support ticket online at www.sysax.com.

Example script

The following script demonstrates the use of the administration COM object from within VBScript.

The script shows how to create a new user account on a local or remote server.

Exhibit 2.1. Example of a script showing how to create a new user account on a local or remote server

Option Explicit

'invoke the sysax server administration component
Dim admin
Set admin = CreateObject("SysaxServer.Admin")

'set host IP address to access and manage sysax server running on a remote machine
'set to empty string for local access
admin.AdminHost = ""

'set admin username and password
admin.AdminUser = "test"
admin.AdminPass = "test"

'create a new user account named "newacc" and home path set to c:\temp with read and list permissions 
admin.CreateUser "comacc", "comaccpass", "c:\\temp", "RL"