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Posted:  11 Jun 2009 12:04
The following script recreates an error in version 4.1

setvar ~COUNT 0;
loop 5 begin
   increment ~COUNT;
   print ~COUNT;
setvar ~COUNT 0;
loop 5 begin
   increment ~COUNT;
   print ~COUNT;

This will print 1 to 5 for the first loop, but the second loop only prints 1.
Seems to be failing to reset an invisibly defined loop counter variable at the end of the first loop.

A fix would be appreciated.


Posted:  11 Jun 2009 12:10
Further test results.

If loop1 is set to 2 and loop2 is set to 5,

Loop1 prints 1 and 2, loop2 prints 1 to 3.

Again it looks like the loop count isn't reset.

Posted:  15 Jun 2009 12:51   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport

Yes, it does look like there is a problem with the loop counters never getting reset. One of our developers is looking at a fix for this.

FTP Server Windows Solutions
Posted:  23 Jun 2009 10:33

Tested the fix and it works as expected now.


Posted:  26 Feb 2010 03:00
How do we go about getting a fix for this loop bug?
Posted:  02 Mar 2010 08:32
This is currently available as a pre release version. If this is not critical for you, I would suggest that you wait for the public release of version 5 towards the end of March

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