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Posted:  24 Jun 2009 01:54
I setup the SFTP server to run on my PC. I also have a DNS A record that points to the same IP address.  For example ftp.abc.com.

When I ping the domain name it resolves to the correct IP address.

I can connect to the SFTP server via IP address, but when I connect via domain name the authentication fails.

Here is a paste of some info:

Status:    Connecting to ftp.abc.com:22 ...
Status:    Connected with ftp.abc.com:22, initializing SFTP connection...
Command:CONNECT test_user@ftp.abc.com:22
Response: Fatal: Unable to authenticate

vs. by IP

Status:    Connecting to ...
Status:    Connected with, initializing SFTP connection...
Command:CONNECT test_user@
Response:Remote working directory is /
Status:    Connected
Status:    Retrieving directory listing...

Posted:  24 Jun 2009 22:21   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
If the domain name resolves to the same IP address, using either the domain name or the IP address should work. You could try forcing the server to listen only on the specific domain (using the domain name instead of the IP address)

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