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Posted:  18 May 2011 18:23
I need to confirm all the files were downloaded succesfully to local before deleting them on remote.

Prior to any downloading I do a
ftpgetlist remote, @remote_list

After downloading I do a
ftpgetlist local, @local_list

To do the confimation I've been attempting a listcompare with the object to see if they are identical using @identical, and or @largerlist. I've tried various syntaxes but without success

If it is determine there are files that were not downloaded is there a means to download them only and or send a message to an enduser

finally is this teh correct command to delete all files on the remote. I'm getting syntax error on it too.

ftpdelete remote @remote_list;

Posted:  18 May 2011 18:35
I figured out the ftpdelete

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