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Posted:  07 Sep 2012 20:59
I am new to Sysax, and I am looking for a Windows-based SFTP server.  I have a specific requirement around this.  If a public key is provided in the user Account Manager, will tbe user be configured to authenticate automatically using keys?
Posted:  08 Sep 2012 18:53   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Yes, you can specify a public key for a specific user. Once this is done, authentication can be performed automatically through SFTP based public key authentication.
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Posted:  10 Sep 2012 19:45
Can you please point me to the specific section where I can find this.  I looked through the documentation and could not locate the prescribed format or any mention of this.
Posted:  11 Sep 2012 13:59   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
You can download an application note that explains public key authentication from http://www.sysax.com/server/serverpubkey.pdf
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