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Posted:  20 Aug 2014 17:40
Is there a way to extend the timeout for clients inactivity? Right now it is timing out at 5 minutes. I would like to extend that. Thanks.
Posted:  20 Aug 2014 18:47
Hi Cory,

You can change the timeout for each account that you have set up.

From the Multi Server control panel, select Manage Server settings, then the Configure button for Authentication Methods.

Next, click the Configure accounts button, then click on an account name. In the middle right of the window, you will see Timeout (secs) probably set to the default of 300 seconds.

Change the number of seconds before that account times out, click the Save button, then click Next, Next, Finish, and restart the server.

Sysax support
Posted:  20 Aug 2014 21:37
What if I use "Use windows accounts for logging in users"?
Posted:  21 Aug 2014 16:53
Hi Cory,

Please reply back with the version of Windows that you are using to host the Sysax Multi Server.

Sysax support
Posted:  21 Aug 2014 21:21
Windows 2008 R2 Serv Pack 1
Posted:  22 Aug 2014 02:23
Hi Cory,

Here is something to try. If it does not work, let me know, and I'll find out more about possible settings in Server 2008 that time out FTP connections. - http://blog.waldrondigital.com/2010/07/26/large-ftp-transfers-han ...

Sysax support
Posted:  22 Aug 2014 20:52
Hi. I tried it a couple of times and still disconnects right at 5 minutes.
Posted:  23 Aug 2014 15:42
Hi Cory,

Which FTP client are you using to log into the Sysax Multi Server, which is being run on a Windows 2008 server?

Once I know the FTP client you are using, I can try to duplicate your circumstances. Please also reply with the last few lines of the FTP client's log file copied into the reply.

When logging into the Sysax Multi Server via a Windows account, the Multi Server has no timeout limit.

It seems probable that the client is logging itself out after 5 minutes, and that checking the settings of the FTP client is in order.

Sysax support
Posted:  25 Aug 2014 15:18
Actually it's not an FTP Client that I'm using. Not sure where the disconnect came in. I am using the Sysax Multi Server on a Windows 2008 R2 SrvPck 1 machine so I can connect to via SSH with clients that are using Putty. I have a database program running on the server that I need clients to connect to via putty and ssh.
Posted:  25 Aug 2014 16:56
Hi Cory,

I understood that you have Sysax Multi Server running on Windows server 2008, and are logging into it via an FTP client, which I now know is Putty.

Can you please try setting Putty's keep alive connection at 120? The default keep alive setting for Putty is off.

This page gives instructions on how to change and then save the settings in Putty - http://www.smerret.com/computers/linux/how-to-prevent-an-ssh-time ...

Let me know how this worked for you.

Sysax support
Posted:  25 Aug 2014 17:59
I just tried it a few times and I still get disconnected at the 5 minute mark.
Posted:  25 Aug 2014 21:36
Hi Cory,

Thanks to your observations and information, I had some testing to do.

The Sysax Multi Server 6.33 does time out at five minutes, and since the option "Use windows accounts for logging in users" is checked, you have no opportunity later to change the default timeout of five minutes in the Sysax Multi Server user interface.

I have filed an internal report on this subject.

I have been able to work around the Multi Servers's 5 minute timeout with Putty release beta 0.63, by setting the keep alive to 120, as mentioned previously.

Please check Putty's Connection setting again, (change the 0 between keepalives to 120), and ask your Windows 2008 server administrator if he/she has some setting in place that times out FTP sessions.

If the problem is still not solved, please file a ticket so that we can help you debug the situation. You can file a ticket here - http://www.sysax.com/support/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit

Sysax support

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