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Posted:  06 Nov 2008 12:54
I have a PC G5 Leopard Mac OS X 10.5.4. For some reason I'm unable to transfer a web site created in iWeb to the internet.
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 12:57
Which product are you having problems with? (Sysax FTP Automation or Sysax Multi Server)
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 12:58
FilZilla 3.0.11. I have a Mac 0X 10.5.4. My web site was created using iWeb. It will not transfer to the internet. That is why I need help.
Thank you.
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 13:01
Are you using Filezilla to transfer files to a computer running Sysax Server?
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 13:04
I'm not familiar with that server. I have at yahoo.
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 13:07
You should probably try filezilla tech support. We offer support regarding usage of only Sysax Multi Server or Sysax FTP Automation
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 13:10
Thx. I will.

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