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Comparison of FTP Automation Editions

There are four editions of Sysax FTP Automation - High Availability, Enterprise, Professional, and Personal edition. The Personal edition is not licensed for commercial use.

Feature or Capability Ent Pro Pers
Unattended Task Execution      
- Scheduling of one-time and recurring tasks Yes Yes Yes
- Simultaneous execution of multiple tasks Yes    
- Monitored folders for task triggering 8 1  
File Transfer and Authentication      
- SFTP File transfer (SSH2) Yes Yes Yes
- FTPS File transfer (FTP over SSL) Yes Yes Yes
- FTP File transfer (Legacy) Yes Yes Yes
- Public Key Authentication Yes Yes Yes
- Client side SSL certificate Yes Yes Yes
Pre/Post Processing Capabilities      
- OpenPGP encryption and decryption Yes Yes limit(15)
- Compression and decompression (Zip/unzip) Yes Yes limit(15)
- Email notification Yes Yes limit(15)
- File and system operations Yes Yes limit(15)
Ease of use and Compatibility      
- Secure FTP cmdline tool (sysaxftp.exe) Yes Yes Yes
- Backup, mirroring, and synchronization Yes Yes limit(15)
- Detailed logfile generation Yes Yes Yes
- Script generation wizard Yes Yes  
- Script editor and debugger Yes Yes  
- Execution as COM/ActiveX object Yes    
High Availability Edition
The High Availability edition supports all the features of the Enterprise Edition and simultaneous execution of more tasks. It additionally supports clustering and failover. It can be installed on multiple nodes that are part of a cluster and provides the ability to seamlessly failover between nodes, providing high availability.

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