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Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:10
Can not connect. I know my router passing ftp as I can ftp my network drive (Buffalo Links). Still can not connect to the computer thats runing Sysax Multi Server. Sysax is running and I have setup an account.
And update. Turned off my computer firewall. Still no change. Can ftp the network drive, but not the computer/sysax multi server. Also downloaded Wireshark to capture all my incoming network pockets. Have been monitoring the difference when I ftp the network drive and the computer (sysax). The differences I found was the with the computer Logmein would respond. Turned off Logmein. No change. Still can not connect with ftp. There are other differences but I don't understand it all. If it comes down to it I always could email you a copy of the capture file. Just and idea.
To sum it up: Ftp my nework drive. OK. Frp the computer. NG.
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:15
Can you connect to the server locally from the same computer? This will test if the server is running correctly.
The next step is to check the ip address that you use to connect to the server.
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:18
Yes I can connect the server. I can access the site using http. Says the server is running and sight is under construction.
What I not having any luck with is accessing my computer by ftp. The ftp address I enter to port forward is my computer ip. Know its correct. Can view the address when I use ipconfig/all.
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:24
I am not sure that sysax server is serving the "site is under construction" message because sysax server supports http only for file transfer and should never print out such a message. You seem to have some kind of http web server running on your system.

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