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Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:39
I am presently testing your FTP system. And so far like i, but am unable to download folders from a linux site. I need to move a lot of web sites to new server, but when I do download folder it errors out saying that it is unable ot get the current modification??
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:41
What product are you using? (Multi Server or FTP Automation)
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:44
FTP Automation Evaluation, just downloaded. Am trying to move about 700 web sites off of Linux boxes on to Windows Server. I need to be able to pick up directories and subdirectories and drop them on the Windows server and off peak schedualing. When I tried to grab a directory it errored out saying that it can only process normal files. I have run into this in python when I get a directory list and it tries to bump through the list. when it runs into a directory it errors out. Can sysaz FTP automation overcome this??

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Posted:  07 Nov 2008 11:47   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Can you tell me something about the directory structure in the remote server?
Could you also send us a copy of your ftp automation script?

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