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Posted:  07 Nov 2008 13:07
Is there a way to set all Windows accounts that SFTP in, to have a certain set of permissions? I realize, I can do "Login to windows account but use Sysax account user configuration" which is fine, but that requires me to manually enter in every Windows user into Sysax (is there an automated way to do this?)
So preferably without manually entering in everything, I'd like to just globally set, for example, that all users have HTTP Disabled, and that all users only have Read permissions for example.
Is there a way I can script add all this? It looks like I can edit sysaxservd.fsi file but I wasn't sure if I should or could and what the precise syntax was. It looks like I could copy 25-ish lines of that file per user, but I wanted to check.
Thank you,
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 13:11
You could choose only SFTP in the server protocols selection window. Basically the only way to control a windows account is to create a sysax account with the same name and have the server login a windows user and then use the sysax account configuration.
I would not recommend that you edit the config file because of compatibility issues with future product releases. I can speak with our developers about providing a command line tool if you can describe your usage scenario.

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