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Posted:  07 Nov 2008 13:45
How do you generate a key for the pub key auth?
Posted:  07 Nov 2008 13:47
The pub key that you install in the server is usually provided by the client user that will connect to the server. They will generate the key pair and keep the private key and send the public key.
Posted:  13 Feb 2009 23:04

I so confused about it.

i generate a key with the client, but how install the key in the sysax multi server.

I don't want use a password in the conection between mac os x (client) and Windows xp (Sysax server)
Posted:  19 Feb 2009 12:12
Once you have the public key from the client, open up the control panel and navigate to the user account selection screen. Make sure that "Sysax user accounts" is selected and then click on the configure button. Here you can create an account and then point to the public key file using the "Pub Key Auth(SSH)" box.
If this is correctly setup, you should be able to login without using a password.
Posted:  23 Jun 2009 19:22
What format should the pub keys be in, OpenSSH or SSH2?

Does the software support multiple pub keys on a single account, or is it one key per account? Is an "authorized_keys" file required, of does the server keep track of keys itself?
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 22:08
The public keys need to be in openssh format.

Yes, you can have multiple public keys for a single account - all the keys need to be stored in a text file (similar to an authorized_keys file). The "Pub Key Auth" dialog box for the sysax user account needs to be set with the location of this file.
Posted:  09 Jul 2009 18:18
is this format .txt?.pub? what extension does it need?
Posted:  10 Jul 2009 16:18
The file contents are plain text. The extension name does not matter.
Posted:  16 Jul 2009 23:50
We have the RSA keys in place.  However when our client is trying to connect to the server they say they are still getting prompted for a password. Is there a way they can connect automatically only using their RSA KEY?

How do we stop it asking for a password?


Posted:  17 Jul 2009 10:58
If public key authentication is setup correctly, your client should be able to login without a password. The first thing to verify is if the public key that was provided to you by the client is in openssh format.
Posted:  28 Sep 2009 21:09
I have same issue of auth failure. My steps are:

1. ssh-keygen -t
Note, it use tool under cygwin to generate a key pair with file names: test1 for private key, for public key.

2. upload file to sysax server and create new sysax acount test1, point this account to the file of

3. I use psftp as ftp clint.

psftp $(sysax server) -i test1

4. get error
Unable to use key file "test1" (OpenSSH SSH-2 private key)
login as:

It require to use user name and password to login .

according to error message, the  private key in test1 seems in format of OpenSSH. But it still don't satisfy sysax server.

Which tool do you recommend to generate key? puttygen? Appreciate if you give direction.
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 09:15
Public keys generated by puttygen should work fine. The important thing is that you must copy and paste the public key displayed by puttygen into a text file instead of doing an export.
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 15:41
Thanks. Just confirm:

Do you mean, sysax accept key from puttygen but ssh-keygen?

To generate a new key pair, puttygen is super slow (even with key size of 512 bits, DSA or RSA)and ssh-keygen is super fast
Posted:  01 Oct 2009 21:12
You can generate the keypair using ssh-keygen. Just make sure that the public key is in openssh format
Posted:  07 Oct 2009 20:00
I am able to use the key generated by ssh-keygen to authenticate.

The key pair generated by ssh-keygen is in OpenSSh format. No need to convert.

I use rsa key with file names of id-rsa and SFTP client is: linux.

But I am not able to use dsa key, which generated by ssh-keygen. It uses same steps. Don't know why?
Posted:  26 Oct 2009 19:35
Public key authentication should work correctly for both rsa and dsa keys. Are you still seeing this problem in the version 5 release?

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Posted:  29 Oct 2009 01:05
Nice software so far, but ....

It is the first package I have seen which does not facilitate generating SERVER and CLIENT side keys for DSA and RSA for the PUBLIC and PRIVATE keysets.

My understanding is that the SERVER and the CLIENT must both have a PUBLIC and PRIVATE key.

This topic is absolutely not mentioned in the documentation.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 16:48
Yes, an ssh server has a set of unique rsa and dsa keypairs that identify itself. For sysax Multi server, this is automatically generated for you when you install the product. You can of course replace it with your own key pair if needed.

The client needs a rsa or dsa keypair only if it needs to use public key authentication to log on to the server. In this case, the server has a copy of the client's public key.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 21:28
Hey, I'm with MattEvans16 and we're still having the same problem. Updated to the newest version as of today (5.14 I believe)

Sysax support sent us a pub/priv key that they created and we cannot get it to work. Server selected pub key and restarted server. Client is using private key.

Client is WINSCP and says server rejected key.
Server says "rejected - bad password for account test"
But no password is being used.

Server is running Windows Server 2008
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 00:15
Can you tell us what version of winscp is being used by the client? We can have our developers try to duplicate this. I am assuming that the keypair was generated using puttygen.

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Posted:  19 Nov 2009 01:13
I just downloaded the newest WinSCP from the site, the windows version
Posted:  22 Nov 2009 20:32
Any news on this?
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 00:44
Previously, the public key that you specified had to be in openssh format. That probably explains the issue. However, the server should now support format also.

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