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Posted:  08 Nov 2008 07:51
I've been reviewing the trial and can only login once for an account.
When I try to login a second session at prompts for the password then says access denied.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 07:54
I believe the trial edition only supports one ssh connection or 2 ssl/regular ftp connections.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 07:57
I have a licensed version. I am only able to login, but not transfer ANY files. When I try it just keeps popping up asking for a password again, again.

Log dump...

9/12/2007 16:20:55 NOTE: FTP server started - listening on port 22
9/12/2007 16:21:18 NOTE: Connection from logged into account
9/12/2007 16:21:24 NOTE: connection from begins downloading
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:01
First of all, what protocol are you setting the server up for (FTP, FTPS, etc.)? Next, what FTP client are you using to access the server and transfer files?
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:03
I am using WinSCP with SFTP selected.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:08
Ok. I am having our developers test the product using WinSCP to transfer files. Are you now able to do multiple logins?
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:11
No multiple logins. The file transfer is also like a multiple login, when trying to PUT a file it tries a second login and fails, but the first login (allowing you to move around the directories) stays logged in.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:17
I am not sure why an SFTP client would try to login twice - The same connection can be used to browse and transfer files. So can you connect simultaneously using two seperate WINSCP instances?
Also, do you have a persona;, professional, or enterprise edition license?

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