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Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:29   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
# Script name: Oakhurst.fscr
# Description : Uploading items (files or folders) from local to remote host.


# set the local and remote path

strprint ~m_ul_remotepath, "oakhurst";
strprint ~m_ul_localpath, "C:\Campora\gas\DAT";

# Rule to handle duplicate files
# Set the rules to use if a duplicate file already exists in the destination path.
# The files may be compared by size or by date.
# This is indicated by the keywords "bysize" or "bydate".
# The following rule keywords may be specified: "resume", "rename" , "overwrite", and "skip".
# resume if smaller, skip if same size or larger.

setduperules bysize, resume, skip, skip;

# Connection Mode : Passive mode transfers
# Files may be transferred using server initiated (PORT) or client initiated (PASV) data connections.
# The enablepasv command enables PASV data connections.


# Connecting to remote hosts
# Connections to a remote FTP server are established using the ftpconnect command.
# The IP address of the remote server must be specified as the address string.
# The port number indicates the port where FTP connections are accepted by the remote server.
# The default port number for regular FTP connections is 21.
# The username and password strings are required to log into a specific user account.

ftpconnect("2", 21, "ftpuser", "");

# Set the desired local and remote paths
# NOTE : "local" and "remote" are keywords used to denote the local and remote computers respectively.

ftpsetpath local, ~m_ul_localpath;
ftpsetpath remote, ~m_ul_remotepath;

# List the contents of the local folder and all contents are store in a (@local_list) variable.
# List the contents of the remote folder and all contents are store in a (@remote_list) variable.

ftpgetlist local, @local_list;
ftpgetlist remote, @remote_list;

# For each item, check if it is a file.
# NOTE: loop, if, and foreach statements must contain
# enclosing "begin" and "end" blocks.
# If statement check which local files are not in the remote folder, that files are
# deleted from the remote folder using ftpdelete command.
# Check if the ftpdelete command was successful.
# If the delete was not successful, to check next file from the remote folder.

foreach $rem_item in @remote_list begin
foreach $loc_item in @local_list begin
if $ eq $ begin
setvar ~absent, "false";
if ~absent ne "false" begin
ftpdelete remote, file, $;
if ftpresult eq success begin
print "DELETE FILE ",$," (because not present in local folder)";
setvar ~absent, "true";

# The ftpwildcardmatch command can be used to perform wildcard matching.
# Additionally, this command allows case insensitive pattern matching when i is passed as a match option.
# If the strings match, the predefined flag ftpresult is set to the predefined constant success.
# The ftpupload command used to upload the files from the local folder to the remote folder and set the
# files name based on the user specified format.

foreach $loc_item in @local_list begin
foreach $rem_item in @remote_list begin
if $ eq $ begin
setvar ~present, "true";
if $loc_item.size != $rem_item.size begin
ftpupload file, $;
print "OVERWRITE TO FILE ",$," (because file size is not same)";
if ~present ne "true" begin
if $loc_item.isfolder eq false begin
strprint ~filename_format, "*.dat";
ftpwildcardmatch $, ~filename_format, "i";
if success eq ftpresult begin
ftpupload file, $;
if ftpresult eq success begin
print "UPLOAD FILE ",$," (because not present in remote folder)";
setvar ~present, "false";

# send all messages to user specified emails

mailcreate("campora","","Oakhurst FTP","File transfer Results");
mailsend("",25,"Curt Burgess","","","");
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 08:33   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
You need to add an additional backslash when specifying the path. eg.

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