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Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:07
A co-worker and I are re-working our existing web server and FTP server and we really want to use SFTP, which your product provides. When we installed and set up the free trial, however, it only seems to transfer at about 100k/sec. We should be getting speeds in the gigabit range. Is there any sort of limitation on your software, in the trial, or a setting we can change to increase our transfer rate?
We also installed a personal license, but the transfer never changed. We would be interested in an enterprise license if the trial works out nicely.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:08
I appreciate your interest in our server product. Thwew trial or personal edition should not have any bandwidth restriction. Are you seeing the same transfer speeds for regular FTP and SFTP?
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:09
Regular FTP reaches speeds around 200-250k/sec, but that's still way too low for our needs. Our server should be hitting speeds in the area of 1mb/sec. Any ideas?
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:09   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Please make sure that you have the latest version of the product installed. We are not able to reproduce the slowdown in speed that you mentioned.

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