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Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:32
Currently, i wish to upload a set of files to another server and create a log of uploaded files.
Here is how i do it..
fileopen read, "inputFile.txt"
fileopen append, "output.txt"

loop 4 begin
filereadline ~fileName;
filewriteline ~fileName;


In this, the access to file gives erratic behaviour. What i want to achieve is to append a line to a log file after uploading successfully. There seems to be a problem with this.
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:33   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
During script execution, only one file can be open for processing at a time. Can you try reading all items first into variables from the first file, close it, and thenopen the second file for appending and then write to it?

File Transfer Protocol and Windows SFTP Server
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:33
The idea seems ok. But, how does this mean, i need to use so many variables to hold the values read? Or how do i pump the read values in a List?
Alternatively, i can hold the upload result in a variable also and keep on  append untill all the uploads are over.
But, after each upload, i need a CR and LB in the variable. How do i achieve this?
Posted:  08 Nov 2008 13:34   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
I have passed this on to our developers. Basically it looks like you need to have multiple files open simultaneously or have a mechanism to read and store the entire contents of a file.

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