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Posted:  23 Jun 2009 20:12
Is it possible to expand the info being logged by the server? In particular, if a user connects via SFTP with pub key auth, can I get the log to note that
1) the channel was SFTP
2) a pub key was used for auth
3) the name of the key used

Also, can the log be set to roll on a schedule, rather than by size?
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 22:10
Thank you for the suggestions and feedback. This will be passed on to our developers.
Posted:  25 Jun 2009 21:33
You're quite welcome. Impressive server, from what I've seen so far. Do you folks by any chance do custom builds? I'm considering buying an Enterprise license, but I'd like to have the logging options included, for example, and have the graphics changed on the HTTPS file transfer interface, or some way to do it myself. Legal warning notice, etc. Is that possible?

And can you process a PO for payment?
Posted:  26 Jun 2009 01:29
Thank you for the positive feedback. We can work with you to customize the information that needs to be logged. Please open a support ticket for this.

You can change the graphics on the HTTPS file transfer interface by simply replacing the appropriate image files in the installation folder.

Yes, purchase orders are accepted.
Posted:  29 Jun 2009 19:54
Yes, I can change the .gif files, but that's not going to fix the formatting or add a text blurb below the login button. That's all coming right out of the executable, looks like. I could probably hack some of it (assuming you're not running a hash on the executable at startup, looking for changes), but I'd rather not.

Have you got an email address I can use to continue this conversation? This here's a little public.
Posted:  01 Jul 2009 10:52
Please click on the "submit a question" tab and submit a support ticket using our support system. This ensures that you are working one on one with our support staff without having to post to the public forum.

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