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Posted:  09 Jul 2009 18:46
I am having a few issues...
1.  When I attempt to "install license" I get the following:  Could not create/open subkey in windows registry.  You may need to login as (that is all I see).

2.  When I add a openssh key for key auth using sftp it will not work... I continue to get key issues.

3.  When I change things in the server control center they do not save... even after stop and restart service.  For example: user changes.  But if I save them from the http://localhost:88 it works.

Please help if you can... I am under a deadline to get this setup.  I picked this software and want to stay happy with my choice.
Thanks for any help!

Posted:  09 Jul 2009 20:07
Issue 1 is resolved... I turned off UAC and it worked.

Still having issues with getting the openssh keys extracted from puttygen to work.
Posted:  10 Jul 2009 16:24   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Turning off UAC should also resolved the issue with saving changes that you made to the server control panel.

For public key authentication, puttygen should display a "public key for pasting into openssh authorized_keys file" message with the key. You should copy this and paste it into a text file. Under sysax user accounts,
you should point to this file in the "pub key auth" dialog box.

If you did this, your sftp client should be able to login without a password as long as it can prove that it has the corresponding private key. What sftp client are you using?

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