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Posted:  23 Jul 2009 20:10
Hi there.
I'm sure I'm missing something here.
I want to do an SFTP tranfer using the sysaxftp.exe command line client (i.e. without scripting it).
I can't work out how to supply the Private key to a server which has a Public key?
I have teh private key file as an OpenSSH .pem file.

I can do this:
open <server name>

but how/where do I specify the private key file to use?

I can see how you specify it in a script, but not in command line.
The help file isn't much use at all as it doesn't tell you all teh commands, and also says you can ype "help" to get a list commands, but i just get "help is an invalid command"

How do I do this?
And where do I get a full list of the supported commands for the command line client?

Posted:  31 Jul 2009 10:41

Hello? I guess I could open a support ticket about this?

Anyone from Sysax read these forums?

Posted:  31 Jul 2009 22:50   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Hi Daniel,

This support forum is monitored. The functionality that you referred to (support for public key authentication on the command line) will be available in the next major release.

Windows FTP Server and File Transfer Server
Posted:  23 Sep 2009 21:42
According to Wikipedia, SYSAXFTP was suppose to be a direct SSL replacement for Windows current FTP client. If it can not do SSL certification authenticating it will not work.

I need this Windows FTP client replacement working. Can it do cert authentication or am I waiting for next release on this as well?

If it can do SSL with cert auth tell me how to do it
without scripting please.

I can run:
lcd "c:\downloads"
get '' lot_chain_20090924.txt

After that it just hangs up on the get statement. I need to be able to specify the port as 21. I also know that graphical tools I use require cert auth.
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 09:19   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Can you open a support ticket for this? Our developers are getting ready to release version 5 and this is a great time to have these issues ironed out. By opening a support ticket, we will be able to provide you with prerelease versions.

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