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Posted:  29 Jul 2009 16:03   Last Edited By: Dan
I have a unique requirement to upload a local file to a remote server where I have to upload the file to 2 locations.  I do a ftpsetpath remote to LOC_A and that works just problems uploading the file.  I then do a ftpsetpath remote to LOC_B.  From log file....
Script Engine: Line 126: Executing ftpsetpath. Parameter(s):  remote  ~remote_path2
550 /LOC_A/LOC_B: The system cannot find the path specified.
Script Engine: Script command error: Incremented internal error count to 1

The second ftpsetpath in the script appends the value to the existing ftpsetpath value.  Does anyone know how to reset the value of ftpsetpath?  Thanks
Posted:  31 Jul 2009 22:54   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Hi Dan,

This may be due to how you specify the remote path. Can you post the exact command that you are using in your script?

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Posted:  05 Aug 2009 20:33
setvar ~remote_path, "home/wwts/customers/ice139/outbox/transmit"

setvar ~remote_path2, "home/wwts/customers/ice139/outbox/backup"

then I do a
ftpsetpath remote, ~remote_path;

I upload the file and it works fine.

The i do

ftpsetpath remote, ~remote_path2;

I get an error that it can find the path specified.
Posted:  06 Aug 2009 17:30   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport

Can you try specifying the path name with an initial forward slash like this:


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