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Posted:  07 Aug 2009 18:06

I've configured my standard edition of Sysax Multi Server to run the serverscript.fscr on file uploads.  It works, and I've gotten it to write to a file with some information I want.

However...   I noticed that it didn't seem to write more than 3 lines to the file before it cuts out.  It didn't matter what goes in those three lines, or whether waiting or not between the filewriteline commands.  It would only process 3 lines.  (Below is the script I was playing with.)

if ~SERVER_TRIGGER eq "upload" begin
    fileopen append, "D:\out_log.txt";
    filewriteline "1";
    filewriteline "2";
    waitsecs 3;
    filewriteline "3";
    filewriteline "4";
    waitsecs 3;
    filewriteline "5";
    filewriteline "6";
    filewriteline ~SERVER_ABSFILENAME;
    filewriteline ~SERVER_ACCOUNT;
    filewriteline ~SERVER_IPADDRESS;
    filewriteline ~SERVER_FILENAME;

Then I noticed that if I remarked out the default PRINT statements that are in the given script, it would process additional lines, and write a higher count in the script.

#print "The server trigger type is ", ~SERVER_TRIGGER;
#print "The user account name is ", ~SERVER_ACCOUNT;
#print "The connection IP address is ", ~SERVER_IPADDRESS;
#print "The filename that was processed is ", ~SERVER_FILENAME;
#print "The absolute path to the filename that was processed is ", ~SERVER_ABSFILENAME;

So I need to ask, is there some kind of a limit to the number of lines that can be executed in the event trigger script?  I'm pretty sure from my testing that it's not some kind of a syntax error that's causing this.

Thanks for any help.
Posted:  14 Aug 2009 13:50
What version of the server program are you running?
There was initially a restriction of 15 commands that has since been removed.
Posted:  18 Aug 2009 19:19
Version 4.3

Is there a way to remove the restriction?
Posted:  20 Aug 2009 15:57
That was exactly the problem.  After upgrading to 4.6 the problem went away.


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