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Posted:  27 Aug 2009 16:33   Last Edited By: gsmith
I've started the server with SFTP on port 22. I've also created a sysax user account with read, write and delete access.

However when I try connect to the server locally using FileZila sftp://user@localhost it won't connect ??

The output from the log doesn't say much either ?

08/27/2009 03:19:08 PM: [NOTE] FTP server started - listening on port 22
08/27/2009 03:19:23 PM: [NOTE] Connection ( logged into account user
08/27/2009 03:19:23 PM: [NOTE] Connection from disconnected

Can anyone help ?
Posted:  02 Sep 2009 14:45   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
What messages are you seeing from filezilla. Does it say that it first established a connection and then got disconnected?

SSH FTP Server and Windows FTP Server

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