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Posted:  03 Sep 2009 18:32
Is there a way to have FTP Automation append to an existing log file rather than overwrite each time it is executed? 

I am evaluating the product, and I am having it monitor 5 different folders every hour.  To do this, I have a batch file that calls five different FSCR files.  The end of each of the five commands is as follows:
-log "f:\FTPScripts\Logfile\FTPLog.txt"  I am sure there is a way to execute five folder transfers in a single FSCR file, but my level of code writing isn't stellar.

Thanks for your time,
Posted:  04 Sep 2009 08:59
I am assuming that you are caling sysaxftp.exe from your batch file. There is a -append option that you can pass in to have the script append to the log file rather than overwrite it.

for example:

sysaxftp.exe -script myscript.fscr -log mylog.txt -append

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