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Posted:  10 Sep 2009 02:28
I am using ftpdownload [folder] to download the entire folder from remote to local. I wonder if it is able to specify simultaneous downloads when using the command? Like can I specify 5 concurrent downloads so that it would download 5 files at a time to increase speed?

If this is not possible is there any other way to achieve this? Can this be done in future feature request? Thanks.
Posted:  10 Sep 2009 19:11   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
Typically this means that multiple connections to the server have to be made - the easiest way to implement this would be to simply run another script (the enterprise edition supports running up to 16 simultaneous instances). Support for concurrent file transfers within a single script in the future is a possibility.

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Posted:  11 Sep 2009 02:19
I thought of this but how do I utilize ftpdownload [folder] with 2 scripts?

If I am running two scripts at the same time with ftpdownload [folder], wouldn't they grab the the same file together?
Posted:  13 Sep 2009 00:05   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
You are right - using two scripts works only when downloading different folders or different sets of files. I have added this as a feature request for our developers but I'm not sure if and when this will be available.

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