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Posted:  10 Sep 2009 15:32
I'm trying to get all text files from the ftp in a script, "mget *.txt" runs (200 command okay) but nothing gets downloaded. Do i need to enable this somewhere or isn't this feature supported?
Posted:  10 Sep 2009 19:15
The scripting language provides a way to do this with much finer control on what files need to be download.  Here is an example:

#get the list of files and folders in the current remote directory
ftpgetlist remote, @remotelist;
foreach $remoteitem in @remotelist begin
  if $ eq "*.txt" begin
    ftpdownload file, $;
Posted:  11 Sep 2009 08:32
What scripting language are you using doing that? Are you confirming that the ftp server does not support wildcards?
Posted:  12 Sep 2009 23:22
I think I misunderstood your question by assuming that your question was about our ftp automation product which supports the script code above.

For the server, mget with wildcards is supported. However, you may need to use the latest server release since there were some bug fixes related to supporting wildcards.

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