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Posted:  22 Sep 2009 13:38
I've just created a script that will transfer a folder of images to multiple FTP destinations.

My question is what to do with the script now?
Do I copy and paste the code into my favourite FTP client or do I need to bring up the script itself within Sysax and manually click DEBUG>RUN every time I want to use it?

Posted:  22 Sep 2009 15:47
Once you have created an ftp script, there are several ways to run it.
1. You can run it from the debugger as you mentioned
2. You can schedule the script to run at a certain time using the built in scheduler
3. You can run your script from the command line or within another script as follows:
sysaxftp.exe -script myscript.fscr -log mylogfile.txt

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