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Posted:  16 Oct 2009 19:59
I have a line in my script:

if ftpresult eq success begin
  # open MMDSBilling to run import process
  ftprunprogram "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\MSACCESS.exe", "C:\\MMDSComm\\MMDSBilling";

If I run the script manually the Access program opens with above line.  However, when script runs from schedule the ftp download runs successfully but the Access program does not run when called.
Posted:  19 Oct 2009 06:34
Hi Greg,

It looks like the script needs to be executed as a specific user. Version 5 supports this feature. You can download a copy of the prerelease version from

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Posted:  19 Oct 2009 18:51
I downloaded the new version and I see the changes included.  However, I still cannot get the MS Access program to open (see above script lines).  What settings should I be using in Creating a task and are the above script lines OK?  Note, the ftp download which precedes the above lines works OK.
Posted:  21 Oct 2009 16:33
What version of windows are you running this under?
It is possible that this could be related to UAC.

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Posted:  21 Oct 2009 23:33
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and calling Microsoft Access 2003 Sp3 from your script (see above).  I have discovered that Interactive Services Detection is blocking Access from running.  Is there a solution for this? Thank you.
Posted:  22 Oct 2009 23:50   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
There is an applocker feature in windows 7 that controls program execution. There might be a way to configure this so that sysaxftp.exe (the program that executes the script) is granted access.

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