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Posted:  26 Oct 2009 19:49
I want to download a file from ftp site and then process file using Microsoft Access 2003 on Windows XP Sp3 machine.  Download from ftp works fine.  Opening Access does not.  Should I be using:

ftprunprogram "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\MSACCESS.exe", "C:\\MMDSComm\\MMDSBilling.mdb";   

from within the script or should I be using "Run External Program on 5.1 Create/Edit Task form?  If using Create/Edit then what are the correct values for "Program" and "Arguments" fields based on the above paths?  Are Program and Argument values enclosed in quotation marks?

Thank you.
Posted:  02 Nov 2009 02:45
When you schedule an ftp script to be run using the scheduler, the sysaxftp.exe program gets called and the script is passed to it. When the sysaxftp.exe encounters the ftprunprogram command, it calls the program (msaccess in your case). So the execution hierarchy is sysaxscheduler -> sysaxftp -> msaccess

When you use the run external program option in the scheduler, the program is directly called. The execution hierarchy in this case is sysaxscheduler -> msaccess

Both options should work fine, but the advantage with directly calling the external program is that the program can be run as a specific user. Here you would use C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\OFFICE11\\MSACCESS.exe for the program and
C:\\MMDSComm\\MMDSBilling.mdb as the argument. You do not have to use quotation marks.

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Posted:  06 Nov 2009 02:21

To follow up with you on the use of the ftprunprogram program, a few options have been added to the ftprunprogram command - you can now run a program as as specific user, specify a max time limit for the program to finish execution, and even check for expected exit codes. You can get the prerelease from

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