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Posted:  04 Nov 2009 20:31
I'm new to Sysax FTP and i'm looking for a FTP client that can automate our upload process:

1.  monitor a drop folder
2.  sftp contents to external ftp site
3.  move the files to an archive
4.  email success/failure
5.  no user intervention (run as a process/service)

Can I do all of this with Sysax FTP on Windows XP?
Posted:  04 Nov 2009 20:33
I've looked at the manual and found email & archive but have not found monitoring a drop folder.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 17:07
Support for monitoring a folder is currently available only in a pre release version of the product. We can provide you access to this if you need to evaluate.
Posted:  07 Sep 2012 14:29
I looked at the manual to find info on scripting email notifications, but came up empty - do you have any sample scripts that can be used as a template to start with?  I have users that want to be notified when new files are uploaded.

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Posted:  07 Sep 2012 16:07   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
You can use the wizard to generate the initial script with support for email notification.

For email notifications, you can use the mailresult status flag to notify you if your mail was sent successfully. This will return the word "success" if it was completed.
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