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Posted:  01 Dec 2009 16:29

Is there a way to set a user/password or at least a password to access the "Sysax Multi Server Administrator control pannel" ?

Also with the web interface (very nice and clean interface indeed) it does'nt ask me the user/password i set in the "Configure server options" ... why ?

Posted:  01 Dec 2009 22:47
The web administration interface will let you login without a username or password if you are trying to connect from the same computer. However, you will need to use the username and password if you are trying to connect to the web administration interface from a remote computer. As for password protecting the control panel, once a user has logged in to the computer that is running Sysax Multi Server, they already have the ability to manually edit or delete configuration files. So password protecting the control panel only leads to a false sense of security.

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