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Posted:  15 Jan 2010 00:10
I have created a new upload script.  The "set var local path" in script is "Q:\\Programs\\Data";

When the script runs the log file shows:

"Error: Could not set local path to Q:\Programs\Data"

This is the correct path to the txt file I want to upload and the path is valid. 

What is wrong with the script entry?  Thank you.
Posted:  15 Jan 2010 01:37
Hi Greg,

What version of Windows are you running on? Is there a possibility that this path is accessible only to a specific user account?
Posted:  15 Jan 2010 18:00
Sysax is running on Windows Server 2003 SP2 on a Novell Network. 

Sysax (v 5.1) Scheduler has Admin User and Password set as part of the scheduling parameters.

This is the only upload script running.  Two other download scripts (a Daily and a Monthly) run fine.
Posted:  15 Jan 2010 19:58
Amend last post. 

There are indeed two other scripts (downloads though) running successfully - but they do not use the "Q:\" path mentioned so disregard.

Remainder of previous post stands.
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 00:31
Is Q: a physical drive on your computer or is it a network drive assigned a drive letter?

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