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Posted:  15 Jan 2010 09:14
Any one please help me.

My customer can't transfer file.
They used FTP put command via IBM mainframe. They got error following below.

put 'QPG.PROD.FILSISR1.S45.XPGSE.D011410.T1300.Z'  +

ZA1736I      ATPISR.011410.T130000.ZIP                     

ZA1701I >>> SITE VARrecfm LRECL=27990 RECFM=U BLKSIZE=27990

02 Command not implemented                                 

ZA1701I >>> EPSV                                           

02 Command not implemented                                 

ZA1701I >>> PASV                                           

27 Entering Passive Mode (10,10,200,168,39,21)             

ZA1701I >>> STOR ATPISR.011410.T130000.ZIP                 

ZA1636I *** I can't open a data-transfer connection:       

50 File status okay; about to open data connection         

26 Connection closed; transfer aborted                     

ZA1735I Std Return Code = 27426, Error Code = 00008         

ZA1701I >>> QUIT                                           

21 Service closing control connection

But I can transmit file via FTP client program.
Any ideas please suggess me.

Thank You.
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 00:18
I believe this was related to the external IP address. Did explicitly setting the external IP address fix this issue?

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