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Posted:  03 Feb 2010 21:46
Follow up to problem submitted a few weeks ago.

I have created a new upload script.  The "set var local path" in script is "Q:\\Programs\\Data";

When the script runs the log file shows:

"Error: Could not set local path to Q:\Programs\Data"

This is the correct path to the txt file I want to upload and the path is valid.

Sysax is running on Windows Server 2003 SP2 on a Novell Network. 

Sysax (v 5.1) Scheduler has Admin User and Password set correctly as part of the scheduling parameters.

If I run the script manually from Debug mode the script runs fine and successfully uploads the file from Q:\Programs\Data.  However, every time it runs from Sysax Scheduler it fails with above error.

Note: Q: is a network drive.

If I use the same script and just change the set ‘local_path’ to  D:\\Programs\Data (which is a local drive) the scheduled script runs fine.
Posted:  06 Feb 2010 00:55
Are you logged in as this specific user when you run the script manually? Did you try specifying the network drive directly without mapping it to a local drive name?

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