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Posted:  16 Feb 2010 02:39
when I try to export the certificate, I only get the first three options. Exporting to Personal Information Exchange is grayed out.. 
What do I do now?
Posted:  16 Feb 2010 20:14
You way need to export both the certificate and the private key in any other format and then reimport it into the certificate manager and enable permissions to export the private key
Posted:  17 Feb 2010 00:59
I dont get the option to export the private key.. it goes right to the certificate part.
Will sysax error if an invalid key is used?
Posted:  17 Feb 2010 07:25
In order for the certificate to work with Sysax multi server (or any other server for that matter), both the certificate and private key are required. The server cannot prove the ownership of the ssl certificate to the client until it has access to the private key.
Posted:  19 Feb 2010 22:12
I found the solution..  I created the csr in iis, but i was using certmgr to try to export the signed certificate. I had to go back into iis in order to export the certificate with the private key.
Posted:  15 Aug 2012 23:42
Hi - how do you incorporate the exported cert (already with a private key) to include the intermediate cert?

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