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Posted:  26 Feb 2010 22:17

First off I want to say that during our trial of both products we've liked what we've seen so far.  The SFTP server was a breeze to set up and I've written a few automation scripts to copy nightly DB files from Production to Development.

I'm getting stuck however, trying to create an SSH tunnel between Production and the Development environments.  Essentially we want to forward various services (monitoring and some notification emails) through the tunnel to our management server in development.

Does SysaxMultiserver support local port forwarding?

For instance: Production port 26 -> tunnel -> Mgmt server port 25

I appreciate the info, thanks!

Posted:  26 Feb 2010 22:59
**Addition to above post

I've not been able to connect via SSH shell either.  The client (Putty) will connect displaying the user/pw prompt but upon entering the information it immediately drops the connection.  The server side log shows "SSH Connection (66.*.*.*) logged into account sshtunnel (Auth: Password)" and then a few seconds later "Connection from 66.*.*.* disconnected"

I have been able, however, to connect via a SSH Tunneling program which keeps the connection open.

Thanks again for the help.

Posted:  27 Feb 2010 00:12   Last Edited By: thomsonac
**Ignore above post

I'm sorry for the post spamming; I would just edit the posts if I could.  I was able to connect via SSH2 (although still no port forward).
Posted:  02 Mar 2010 08:31
Looks like you have resolved the issue with ssh shell access. You can select the option to enable both shell and sftp access or just one of them. I believe there is limited support for port forwarding. Will need to check with our developers on how this needs to be setup.
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 20:17
I was wondering if you've had the chance to talk with the Dev team.  Ideally we could forward several ports but even the ability to forward 1 would be fantastic.

Thanks again.

Posted:  09 Mar 2010 16:13
It looks like limited support for port forwarding was made available in the recent prerelease versions of the software. We have an official software release scheduled for this week and that is also expected to contain port forwarding support.
Posted:  09 Mar 2010 17:39
Sounds great!  I look forward to it.  Thanks.

Posted:  30 Mar 2010 15:19
Is there an update on the release date?
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 10:25
We had version 5.18 released on March 31. This version had SCP (RCP over SSH2) enabled. I'm not sure why port forwarding was also not enabled. There is another public release scheduled in the next week or so.
Posted:  09 Apr 2010 19:43
I installed Sysax Multi Server on OS Windows 2003 server. Eventhogh, I got working in different property, this one I'm having a night mare. Remote tech can not sign to SFTP, it prompts for the password. The is assigned. Need help

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