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Posted:  22 Mar 2010 09:16
We want to buy "Sysax Multi Server" but when testing revealed a problem.
We use:
MS Windows Server 2008R2 Standart + Sysax Multi Server v.5.14
Clients: FileZilla 3.3.2 , WinSCP 3.3.0, Far Manager + WinSCP plug-in

Sysax Multi Server is configured to :
SSH2 based Secure Shell and SFTP on port 22
FTP and FTPS(SSL/TLS) on port 21
FTPS(SSL/TLS) implicit on port 990
“use   windows accounts (NTLM) for logging in users”

Does not work "Restrict Active Directory or Windows Accounts"
If you block a user from one protocol, it has no longer access for all protocols for this user.
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 10:00
FYI, This issue is fixed in version 5.18 that was released on March 31

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