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Posted:  24 Mar 2010 16:37
Hi, we had a problem and this product seems to be the perfect solution so we  plan to buy it

Before that we test the application. I prepared a short script. It works fine running it from command line. However I have problem with scheduling. I set the time when it should start but nothing happens.
My option was Run Sysax ftp client program / Run a Sysax ftp script. I have the 30 day trial version now and Sysax ftp automation program installed only.

What did I wrong?!
Pls, help me!
thank you in advance!
Kind regards
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 10:03
The most common reason for the scheduler not running is that you have the control panel open - the scheduler is paused when you have the control panel open in order to prevent scheduling conflicts.

The other thing to try is to check if the Sysax scheduler service has been started and is running.

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